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KRuSH's Bio

Started HC the first week of August in 2000 and joined the infamous PK clan. After making 2 70+ and an 80+ by early December, I joined the ranks of CoWa where I stayed for almost a year. Joined the xpac race for 99 while leveling with CoWa. Made level 98 in July 2001 but got burned out and annoyed that too many people would hit 99. CoWa-KRuSH remained at 98.75 forever. After 1.08 and most CoWa had already hit 99, the clan fell apart. I used my zon to pk with the intention of pk'ing / dueling him off (which never happened, he lived until I sold my account). And for the record I was using Eaglehorn. After no one would fight my zon anymore, I made a (not so) secret char named sKaRoUS-Hc to pk the people in the ladder reset race. Eventually I was killed by a burizon with conc and my loot was stolen by my looter. In october 2001 I went back to d2c by myself. At that time I remade PK-KRuSHeR and after one death I made level 87 and in january sold my account to Jay (not spacely) and Winston. I'd like to think that people will remember me for being a generous and nice guy who would go out of his way to help people. Maybe they will even remember me as being a good dueler and pk'er. But that's up for them to decide. Hopefully I will continue my blizzard games domination with the release of WC3, and many others to come.

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